Light your internal fire with a daily shot of our best-seller, the Immunity Potion!  Enjoy organic, cold-pressed apple, lemon and ginger blended with turmeric, cayenne pepper, and oil of oregano — on-demand.  Packaged in a 50oz bulk carton, intended for easy dispensing directly from your refrigerator. Each carton includes (2) glass, 4oz. vessels for reuse. Reduce single-use plastics and spend less* on your daily immunity shot!

Consume as a shot, add to hot water as a tea, or combine with sparkling water for an extra kick!

*As Compared to:

Vive Organic  Immunity Shots (delivered)   $1.91/oz

Suja Organic Immunity Shots (delivered)   $1.67/oz

DROUGHT Immunity Potion (delivered)  $1.40-$1.60/oz


IMMUNITY POTION: apple, lemon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, oil of oregano

Certified USDA organic | cold-pressed fruit & vegetable juice | 100% juice (no water added)



non-thermally processed to extend shelf-life while retaining the integrity of natural nutrients & enzymes


Shake Well | Keep refrigerated | Approximately 45-day shelf life unopened and opened (pouch retains freshness – validation study backed) | Consume within 30 days after opening | 1.5L (50.7 fl oz)