Dear Customers

This past May, we moved into our state-of-the-art 15,000 square foot refrigerated production facility in Berkley, Michigan. The new facility enabled our business to officially start distributing nation-wide, fulfilling our early business plan dream to have real, healthy juice accessible beyond the metro-Detroit area. The push to expand nationally means shifting efforts and consolidating to four brick-and-mortar storefronts. Notably, our downtown Detroit storefront will be relocating from the Chrysler House to the Farmer Street alley behind the new Shinola hotel, next to the former Hudson’s site (estimated open date late Fall 2018).

“We’re coming up on a decade in business and we knew late last year that we had to make some big moves in 2018 in order for DROUGHT to continue to thrive. Anyone who’s followed our story has seen our fluid approach to our retail stores, and hopefully noticed our incessant push to take our brand national — we’re finally at the point where all the pieces are in place to take off!”
– Cait James, Co-Founder and CEO, DROUGHT

4 Metro Detroit Locations

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Our Shops
DROUGHT brick-and-mortar locations, Berkley Production Facility
2070 W. 11 MILE RD. |  MI

Fridays, 10a – 2p

DROUGHT brick-and-mortar locations, Royal Oak South
Royal Oak South
28822 Woodward Ave | MI

M- F: 7a – 7p | Sat: 8a – 5p | Sun: 9a – 5p


DROUGHT brick-and-mortar locations, Downtown Detroit

1435 FARMER ST. | MI

719 Griswold St. #110 | MI

M – F: 7a – 7p | Sat: 10a – 3p | Sun: 10a – 3p


DROUGHT brick-and-mortar locations, Bloomfield Hills
bloomfield hills
4078 W. Maple Road. | MI

M – F: 7a – 7p | Sat: 8a – 5p | Sun: 9a – 5p


DROUGHT brick-and-mortar locations, Downtown Plymouth
downtown plymouth
470 Forest Ave. #11 | MI

M – F: 7a – 7p | Sat: 8a – 5p | Sun: 9a – 5p


DROUGHT brick-and-mortar locations, Eastern Market (Shed 2)
Detroit eastern market
Shed 2, 2518 Market St. | MI

Seasonal | Sat: 6a – 4p